How to increase the capacity of your wood pellet machine

Mar. 20, 2024

In recent years, the market demand for biomass pellets has been huge. Different wood pellet manufacturers use the same machinery and the same raw materials, but get different biomass pellets capacity. In order to help wood pellet manufacturers solve their problems. We'd like to provide several solutions for consideration. Next we start from the mold, raw materials, machinery and other aspects.

1.Mold. Newly purchased molds, they need to be ground before formal use. The grinding method is relatively simple, just press it with a mixture of engine oil, sand, sawdust, etc. several times.

2.In terms of raw materials, it is mainly to adjust the moisture content of the raw materials. When pressing biomass pellets, the moisture content of raw materials such as wood chips and sawdust is required to be maintained at about 13%. If the moisture content is too high or too low, it will affect the output of biomass pellets.

3. Wood pellet machine equipment. The parameters of the wood pellet machine must be adjusted in advance, such as the gap between the roller and the mold. Different materials will require different gaps, and appropriate adjustments must be made. Sometimes the production of biomass pellet fuel is low, it may be because the gap is not adjusted properly. If this is the reason that affects the production capacity of biomass pellets, we biomass pellet machine manufacturer can help adjust it.

Besides, the wood pellet maker must also be maintained to a certain extent and molds that are broken or to be eliminated should be replaced in a timely manner. 

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