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Counter Flow Cooler

Model: YLQJ1.5; YLQJ2.5; YLQJ4; YLQJ6; YLQJ10

Capacity: 1-2t/h; 2-4t/h; 4-6t/h; 6-8t/h; 8-10t/h


What is Counter Flow Cooler?

The counter flow cooler is a new type of cooler that is currently internationally advanced; Pellet cooler mainly cools high-temperature 60-80 ℃ biomass pellets, and the temperature after cooling is not higher than room temperature +3-5.

It adopts the counter-current principle to cool high-temperature and high-humidity materials. The natural wind enters the cooler from bottom to top, and the hot wood pellets enters the cooler from top to bottom. The natural wind passes through the material layer vertically and first contacts the material. The wood pellets are gradually cooled to avoid cracking on the surface of the pellets due to the sudden cooling. The air fully enters the cooler from the bottom, the entering area is large, so wood pellets can be fully and uniformly cooled.

Pellet cooler is generally used in conjunction with cyclone, fan, and air lock, which is used to absorb cold air and cleaning dust. A simple screener can also be installed at the bottom of the cooler to separate powdered dust and good pellets.

Counter Flow Cooler

Technical Parameter

1. Pellet cooler mainly cools high-temperature and high-humidity materials, after cooler, the temperature is not higher than room temperature +3-5.

2. Counter flow theory ensures that wood pellets can be cooled fully and uniformly. pellet broken rate is smaller than 0.2%.

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