Turnkey Solutions

Brief Introduction

ROTEXMASTER is focused on the design and construction of turnkey solutions for biomass pelleting plants and the supply of equipment.

We customize every project to fit the clients’ requirements, whatever your raw material, whether the capacity large or small.

Our professional team covers every stage of the projects, understanding every single need and offering the best solution for our clients.

Design Feasibility Studies

ROTEXMASTER professional design team already designed thousands of successful pellet plants around the globe. We can design optimal projects according to clients' capacity requirement, raw material, factory, budget, etc.

Process and manufacturin

ROTEXMASTER equipment adopts high-precision CNC processing equipment, such as high-speed drilling machines, laser cutting machines, vertical machining centers, gantry processing machines, etc. Perfect processing technology ensures that all welded parts are standard parts, and the error is less than 0.03mm; ensures that the accuracy error of the gearbox is less than 0.01mm.

Quality Inspection

We have professional QC department and 20+ inspection equipment to strictly control the quality of every single detail in the production process, including material purchasing, production management, every single spare parts, machine parts assembly.


ROTEXMASTER has well-experienced delivery team, tracking delivery in the whole process. We use reinforcement tools in line with international shipping standards, which ensures that your goods can reach the destination safely without loss and damage.

Plant Construction

ROTEXMASTER can help clients design the plant building, base construction, equipment layout, OEM design.

Installation and commissioning

The installation and commissioning of the equipment constitute an important step towards successful operation of a pellet plant. To better serve our customers and meet their individual needs, Rotexmaster offers a wide range of services. With biomass pellet plant installed by our well-trained engineers, you can avoid possible damage due to improper installation.

Training client´s personnel

When it comes to safe operation and long service life of our equipment, well-trained and experienced engineers are essential. Rotexmaster developed two different training programs: In-house training; Training at customers’ site.

Maintenance and Technical After-sales Assistance

High availability and long service life are important factors for the economic operation of machines and pellet plant. Regular maintenance of the equipment can prevent problems occurring. We offer our customers a variety of services including 24h hotline service, remote Internet diagnosis, site service.

Spare Parts Management and Supply

We do our best to minimize the downtime of your machine. Although our machines have a long service life, certain spare parts will wear out over time and need to be repaired or replaced. Since they are manufactured according to original specifications, our spare parts will be suitable at the first time, which means less time for production efficiency.

Plant Operation and Management

In the event of lack of experience in operation, ROTEXMASTER can provide technician to help you operate and manage the whole pellet plant, thus increasing your production capacity.