Biomass Dryer

Biomass Burner

Model: YSKR20~YSKR360

Heating Value: 20 0000kcal to 360 0000kcal

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What is Biomass Burner?

Biomass burner uses agricultural and forestry waste fuel particles, wood chips, nut shell, etc. as fuel, and generates high-temperature hot flames through suspension, boiling, and semi-gasification pyrolysis combustion; The heat of the high temperature flame is transferred to the thermal equipment by means of radiation and convection heat transfer. Biomass burner mainly consists of an automatic feeding system, a fan, a high-temperature pyrolysis and semi-gasification combustion chamber, a flame nozzle, and an ignition system.


Wood pellet burner is widely used in various industries such as boiler, drying equipment, industrial stove, casting machine, smelting furnace and other heating equipment.

Technical Parameter
ModelHeating Value (Kcal)Power(kw)Biomass Consumption(kg/h)Weight
YSKR2020 00000.75+0.37500.6
YSKR3030 00000.75+0.55750.7
YSKR4545 00000.75+1.11151.0
YSKR6060 00001.5+2.21501.6
YSKR9090 00001.5+2.22252.2
YSKR120120 00001.5+2.23003.0
YSKR180180 00003+4+1.5+1.54503.8
YSKR240240 00003+5.5+1.5+1.56004.8
YSKR300300 000010.457508.0
YSKR360360 000010.459009.0


Biomass pellet burner can burn materials such as various biomass pellets, nut shells, wood chips, etc.


1. Raw material of outlet of fire: made of fire-resistant material, ensuring using life 5 times longer.

2. Dual protection system, avoid fire back to avoid raw material burning in feeding conveyor.

3. Raw material distributed evenly in combustion chamber. One pipe connect with air box, blowing away raw material.

4. Fully burned and burning stable. Tempering and flame lifting phenomenon won't happen.  Heating load can be widely adjusted.

5.Operating easily, maintenance convenient, feeding automatically, discharging automatically, igniting automatically, control temperature automatically.

6.Low invest, low working cost, more fit for users and can change burning type, controlling as per requirement.

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