Rotexmaster New Design Wood Pellet Machine

Mar. 22, 2022

Introduction of the new wood pellet machine:

The new vertical centrifugal wood pellet machine is a new type of pellet machine in the globe. This structure wood pellet machine adopts a large modulus hard tooth surface helical gear reducer, the main shaft is strengthened, the power output is strong, the equipment is stable, the failure rate is low, and the production cost is low. This wood pellet machine is the top sale model of the biomass industry.

Features of the new wood pellet machine:

1. The feeding method is vertical feeding, because of the centrifugal force, the material blockage is avoided.

2. The die uses multiple treatments to make it more durable and reasonable in design. The double-layer hole of die not only reduces the cost, but also increases the output and efficiency.

3. The automatic lubrication system is added, which changes the era of each oil injection, and can work 24 hours a day, thereby increasing the output.

4. A steam tuyere is added to reduce the temperature inside the die and greatly prolong the service time of the die.

5. The very thick steel plate greatly increases the weight of the machine, thus making the wood pellet machine more stable.

6 The exterior adopts baking paint, which increases the anti-corrosion ability of the machine, and also increases the appearance of the machine, making it more beautiful.

7. The length can be adjusted at any time, so that the length of the wood pellets can also be adjusted at any time.

8. The rotation of the pressure wheel makes the material generate centrifugal force, and the surrounding distribution is more uniform.

Rotexmaster New Design Wood Pellet Machine

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