How to choose a wood pellet machine with high-quality

Apr. 19, 2022

With the trend of environmental protection in the world, more and more countries attach great importance to biomass energy. The biomass pellet market has gradually improved, and more and more customers choose wood pellet machine equipment. 

How to choose a good wood pellet machine equipment has become a headache for many customers. Especially in the case of the explosive increase of pellet machine equipment manufacturers, it greatly interferes with the choice of customers.

Below we Rotexmaster will give you some insights on wood pellet machine equipment selection based on our own experience.

At present, the wood pellet machine equipment on the market includes vertical ring die, horizontal ring die and flat die. Among them, the horizontal ring die and the flat die are both feed machines, and only the vertical ring die pellet machine is specialized in biomass pellets production.

1. Firstly, it is best to search for a few large-scale and powerful wood pellet machine manufacturers on the Internet.                                         

2. Secondly, conduct an on-site inspection and comparison. The most important thing to inspect the manufacturers is their manufacturing and processing capabilities, and look at workshops such as welding, machining, assembly, warehouse, and baking paint. Whether it is complete or not, many small workshops or manufacturers who are not professional in making wood pellet machine production lines all process all the processes in one workshop, which is very complicated and messy.

3. Before ordering the equipment, it is best to design the project of the wood pellet production line according to your factory, so that the professionalism of a manufacturer's technology can also be seen.

4. Look at the manufacturer's scheme design and price, and look at the specifications, models and quantities of each section under the premise of the same section, and finally look at the configuration.

Therefore, when choosing a wood pellet machine, you must be careful, don't just pay attention to the price, but consider comprehensively and choose the wood pellet machine you are most satisfied with. If you have any other doubts, you can contact us Rotexmaster, hope we can help you more to establish your wood pellet project.

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