Buy Wood Pellets in Russia

Nov. 15, 2021

Due to the onset of cold weather, it becomes necessary to buy high quality wood pellets in convenient packaging. The quality of pellets is determined by the Russian consumer according to the following criteria:


Traditionally, the main one is color - a defining indicator for the buyer, but it depends on such components as ash content, temperature of the production process, raw material. The color can be white, beige, cream or light gray.


From the point of view of specialists in the maintenance of pellet heating equipment, pellets should have a minimum ash content. It should not exceed 0.7% of the total volume burnt. Fuel that is dark in color will most likely leave 1% ash after combustion, since it contains bark, subcrustal layer or sand.


Pellets can be bought, at the request of the client, in the following packaging options: bags from 20 to 50 kg, or 1000 kg, as well as for dark pellets, it is possible to load in bulk into the client's transport.


If options for bags and big bags during transportation ensure the preservation of the original percentage of moisture and the integrity of the energy source over long distances, then bulk delivery is used very rarely. It does not provide one hundred percent safety from moisture and staining during transportation.


Pellet market in Russia

Over the past decade, pellets have significantly increased their presence in the Russian fuel market. Compared to wood, they are more economical, and the advantage over coal is cleanliness during transportation and storage. - this is the minimum amount of moisture, increased density, a variety of packaging dimensions, storage options and the ability to use in boilers with automatic feeding. This is what makes these products more and more popular and in demand.


Manufacturers try to comply with international standards. Also, recently there has been an expansion of the assortment line, from industrial to premium granules.


The raw material base of Russia allows you to experiment with the compositions of the pellets. As practice has shown, the addition of oak wood makes their color darker, but increases the energy value. The raw materials we use do not contain a subcubular layer and bark.


The history of the origin of pellets in Russia

They initially began their journey to the Russian market as a moisture-absorbing agent and were sold in pet stores. They were used as litter for cat litter, as well as for the formation of bedding for horses.


With the launch of production lines in Russia using domestic raw materials - wood processing waste, they began to be produced on an industrial scale. This made it possible to find out their main purpose - to obtain energy and heat. Moreover, at first all volumes were exported - often, this was a condition for the installation of import lines in Russia. A plus for us then were the roads leading to production facilities and additional jobs in the Russian provinces.


Characteristics of fuel pellets

They are small cylinders with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm and a length of 1-6 cm. Chips, shavings and sawdust of various tree species are used as raw materials.


Now the most convenient heat carriers in industrial and domestic use are gas and oil. But the constant growth of their cost, production crises and a large percentage of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere during processing, are forcing them to return to their traditional use. It is worth noting that natural wood resources are replenished on the planet much faster than oil and gas reserves.

From the husk and straw of buckwheat, rice and other agricultural crops, pellets are obtained cheaper and with a high ash content. When burned, they smoke, leave a corresponding smell, crumble and require more frequent boiler maintenance. Capricious automatic boilers may simply refuse to work on such fuel.

 Buy Wood Pellets in Russia

You should buy wood pellets for many reasons:

Environmental friendliness

Wood pellets from woodworking waste. The cylindrical shape is obtained thanks to a substance contained in natural wood - lignin. In the process of granulation, the component heats up and sticks together the wood fractions, and after cooling, the form continues to hold. The composition does not contain chemicals that, when burned, will harm the environment.


The fuel does not contain substances that can harm the human body. There are no sparks during use, which increase the risk of fire.


Pellets can be burned in any furnace and any boiler. If the equipment is modified, the process of fuel filling can be automated.

Eco-friendly pellets

Low ash content

After use, a minimum amount of ash remains that can be used.

Long-term use

They burn with an even small flame without emitting smoke. The burning time of one bookmark can be up to 5 hours. Pellets are easy to ignite, and you can add them three times less often, firewood.

Heat dissipation

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