Installation and debugging arrangements after receiving equipment

May. 30, 2023

If you have received all the equipment you ordered from Rotexmaster, please notify the salesman who is in contact with you in time. And prepare the following materials in advance so that we can arrange technicians to guide the installation and commissioning.

Material preparation:

1. Photos of your factory building, raw materials, transformers, and the workshop where the main line is connected.

2. If there are auxiliary equipment that you need to prepare yourself (such as: conveying, pit, foundation, hot stove, etc.), photos should also be provided. And you need to send a video in advance of the normal operation of the auxiliary equipment you prepared after being powered on. (You need to install and test run the equipment of the equipment from other company)

After the above materials are prepared, please send the information to the salesperson who is in contact with you. Our company will arrange technicians to come to guide installation and debugging as soon as possible.

Precautions before installation and commissioning:

1.On-site preparation: Whether the handling tools, hoisting tools, assembly tools, water and electricity are complete, whether the raw materials are in place, whether there are obstacles on the installation site (columns, roof);

2.Determine the operating technicians and operators;

3.Confirm whether there is any pits and whether the size is correct and reasonable;

4.Check whether there is any omission in the serial number of the equipment issued, and whether the instruction manual is complete

5.According to the granulation of materials, whether the equipment is complete.

6.Explain safety knowledge to on-site staff and provide technical guidance.

7.After the installation and commissioning, it is necessary to ensure that the customer's technical personnel or operators have a clear understanding of the main equipment of the wood pellet production line, and follow the instructions to learn and guide the operation and maintenance essentials. The wearing parts such as rollers and molds must be disassembled and operated once. Set the time for the dry oil pump, and simulate the maintenance operation of the oil outlet without oil output once.

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