How to Control the Feeding Rate of Wood Pellet Machine to Maximize Its Efficiency

Apr. 17, 2024

In order to maximize the efficiency of wood pellet machine, it is recommended to control the feeding from the following points:

1. Control the temperature of the biomass pellet machine. Too high temperature will cause the raw materials to burn or agglomerate, while too low temperature will affect the degree of ripening of raw materials.

2. Raw materials that are too wet will cause agglomeration. After absorbing moisture, the pellets will soften and stick easily. The moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled, and materials with high moisture content should be sun-dried or dried to prevent the materials from adhering to the walls of the pelleting room.

3. The transmission efficiency of the reduction mechanism affects the production efficiency of the wood pellet making machine. When the transmission efficiency is low, the actual power used by the pellet machine will be reduced. When designing the transmission system of the wood pelletizer, the actual useful power of the pellet mill can be increased by improving the efficiency of the transmission system to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

4. Feeding of hard materials is forbidden. At the same time, non-crushed materials must not be allowed to enter the pelleting room during production.

5. Control the granularity composition of materials, prohibit materials with too large granularity from entering, and screen them in advance.

6. Set working parameters reasonably. The working parameters of the wood pellet maker have a direct impact on the movement characteristics of the material, which in turn has an important impact on the production efficiency of the equipment. In order to improve the production efficiency of the wood pellet press, the design of the compression roller and mold of the pellet mill is generally improved, and the best working parameters are equipped according to the improved pressure roller and mold, so that the mold can match the material and the production efficiency of the pellet machine can be maximized.

7. When feeding, the feeding rate should be slowly increased after it is in normal operation to achieve stable production efficiency. If a large amount of material is fed when the wood pellet machinery is started, it will cause vibration of the whole pellet machine, and in severe cases, it will cause the safety pin of the pellet machine to break. The control of the feed rate can add a variable frequency feeding device to ensure uniform feeding.

According to Rotexmaster’s experience, what we should pay much attention to is the stable production of the wood pellet machine. We also need to master the essentials of operation to be able to adapt to the needs of the pellet machine and make the pellet machine work better for us.

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