How to choose the crushing section in the wood pellet production line

May. 08, 2024

As biomass pellets become more and more popular, more people are paying attention to the biomass pellet production line. To make biomass pellets, the key is to use a pellet machine to press the materials. The wood pellet machine has requirements for the shape of the materials. So, how can the material be suitable for entering the biomass pellet machine? This is inseparable from the crushing section in the wood pellet production line that we are going to introduce now.

As the core equipment of the crushing section, the hammer mill uses the motor to provide power, and drives the hammer to rotate at high speed through the rotor , causing the material to continuously collide with the hammer, thereby finely crushing the material within 5cm after being coarsely crushed by the hammer mill to achieve the specifications below the sieve aperture, that is, materials within 8mm. Of course, the aperture of the screen can also be adjusted according to customers’ needs.

It should be noted that for different materials, the selection of hammer mill should be based on the specific production needs and the characteristics of the raw materials. Different types of crushers may have differences in terms of crushing efficiency, capacity and power consumption. And we have a variety of equipment to cope with different situations to achieve higher discharging efficiency.

For example, when the moisture content of the material is low and the specific gravity is heavy, and the customer has strict requirements on the dust removal effect, pulse dust removal is your best choice.

Previously the material used by the customer is a dry material mixed with partial of the fruit shell and sawdust, we have equipped it with a wide-width crusher with a pulse dust collector. The machine can be controlled in real time through the electric control cabinet. After the materials are crushed, they will be discharged through the bottom spiral discharge and fall onto the discharge belt conveyor, thus facilitating the next process section.

When the customer's raw material is a material with a relatively light specific gravity such as straw, in order to avoid the auger from being blocked, we configure it with a cyclone that relies on a large fan to discharge materials under negative pressure and a bag dust removal. The material is discharged through air lock, so that the crushed materials fall into the belt conveyor for the next section.

How to choose the crushing section in the wood pellet production line

We hope the above information will be of some help to you. Of course, the use of the hammer mill is not limited to the production of biomass pellets. Industries such as garbage disposal, recyclable material utilization, and feed processing are also inseparable from it.

If you have more in-depth needs for crusher selection and configuration solutions, it is recommended that you contact us for more professional advice.

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